Tattoo Consent Form

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I understand that the process of tattooing involves certain risks and potential complications. I hereby certify that I am in good health and have provided accurate information regarding any medical conditions, allergies, or medications that may affect the tattooing process. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide a clear and accurate description of the desired tattoo design and its placement on my body. I acknowledge that the tattoo artist will use their best judgment and skills to replicate the design but cannot guarantee an exact match due to artistic interpretation and the limitations of the human body. I understand that the tattooing process involves the use of needles and pigments, which may cause pain, discomfort, or skin reactions. I acknowledge that I have been informed of the potential risks, including infection, allergic reactions, scarring, and dissatisfaction with the final result. I agree to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the tattoo artist to ensure proper healing and minimize the risk of complications. I understand that failure to comply with the aftercare instructions may result in undesirable outcomes, and I assume full responsibility for any complications that may arise from my negligence. Copyright and Intellectual Property. I acknowledge that the tattoo design created by the tattoo artist is an original work protected by copyright laws. I agree not to reproduce, modify, or use the design without the express written consent of the tattoo artist. I understand and agree to the cost of the tattoo as discussed with the tattoo artist. I acknowledge that any deposits made are non-refundable unless otherwise stated by the studio. I grant permission to [Insert Studio Name] to photograph or record the tattoo and its application process for promotional and portfolio purposes, without any compensation or further consent. I release [Insert Studio Name], its owners, employees, and artists from any liability for damages, injuries, or complications that may occur during or after the tattooing process, except in cases of proven negligence or intentional misconduct.